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Cold Room Construction

Cold Room Construction

Emerald refrigeration has a new separate division that specialises in the construction of cold stores and clean rooms.

Our team of highly skilled engineers can design, supply & install insulated panels & doors for use in cold rooms, food processing areas, frozen / chill distrubution and clean rooms for the pharmacuetical and electrical industries.


Commercial Coldrooms

Our coldroom product range are manufactured to exacting standards, with a wide range of door types, cold room panels and shelving to suit all installation requirements, and provide clients with complete versatility when it comes to design. This range is suitable for chill / frozen / ambient and multi compartment rooms for use in shops, super markets, restaurants, hotels, butchers and bakery’s. Our engineers can provide a site survey, advice and autocad drawings of room design for problem free installation. P.I.R Panels (Polyisocyanurate) The P.I.R panel panel comes in a wide range of thickness, finishes and rib profiles, for use in clean rooms, freezer rooms and food processing where a fire rating is necessary. The P.I.R panel has achieved both FM( Factory mutual standard 4880 class 1 fire certification ) and LPCB ( Loss Prevention certification board LPS 1208 ) for up to 60 minutes. These aprovals ensure that the panels are accepted by insurers. The panels are lightweight, thermally efficient and can be used both internally & externally.


Rockwell Panels

The Rockwool panel is a stone wool insulation panel used for thermal, fire and acoustic protection. It has a non-combustable stone wool core, offering up to 4 hours fire resistance and generating little or no smoke. It comes in a differerent range of thicknesses, finishes and rib profiles, and can be used both internally & externally. Doors We can offer a wide range of insulated foodsafe doors to suit nearly any requirement. Typical applications include temperature containment ( chill and freezer ) ambient hygene areas, fire rated and external lockable doors which come in a wide range of colours & thicknesses. These include:
• Fully automatic sliding doors• Double swing doors • Double leaf doors
• Insulated sectional doors • Vertical lift doors • Sliding doors• Hinged doors

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